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Frequently asked Questions

Some of the most frequent questions together with our answers.
Tenant Questions...
How much will it all cost?
Before moving you will need to pay a deposit, which is usually 6 weeks rent together with our agency fees and your first months rent.
What rent do I need?
Your first months rent will be paid in advance, along with your deposit.
From month 2 rent will be paid from your bank account by standing order. which is put in place when you sign the tenancy agreement.
When do I get the keys?
1) When we have received all the references
2) When all tenants have paid deposit, fees and first months rent. AND
3) When all tenants have signed both the contract and a tenancy deposit agreement.
What happens to my deposit?
We secure all deposits in the tenancy deposit scheme. Your deposits are protected by who offer a resolution service should there be any disagreements about a deposit at the end of a tenancy.
Who will deal with any repairs/maintenance issues?
You should report all maintenance issues to Home Leasing, we will deal with them as instructed by the landlord, normally this would mean that we allocate job sheet(s) to the relevant maintenance person who will contact you to make an appointment. In some cases the landlord will deal with maintenance issues.
When my tenancy ends how do I get my deposit back and how long does it take?
Under the terms stated with your tenancy deposit scheme, once agreed it can be paid by cheque or in your bank account normally within 10 days.
Landlord Questions…
What references do you take?
We obtain references from
  • Employer
  • Landlord
  • Bank Account
  • Guarantor Bank Account
What do I need to do to get the best rent?
Present your property well, keeping it clean and in good decorative order. Provide kitchen appliances.
Should I rent furnished or unfurnished?
Either is fine but generally we recommend to rent unfurnished as in most cases the rent is the same and the costs are less. Tenants usually have furniture of their own.
How long is the tenancy for?
An initial 6 month contract which may be extended by agreement, although student properties are usually let for 50 weeks of the academic year.
Who pays the utility bills?
Tenants are responsible for all utility bills including water rates and council tax whist the property is occupied. The metres are read by Home Leasing at each check in and check out.
Do I need insurance?
Landlords must insure the buildings and any contents they provide. Tenants are responsible for their own belongings. If the property is let to students or a group of individuals the insurer must be informed, failure to do so could invalidate the insurance.
What happens when the tenants leave?
Each time a property is let a statement of condition and inventory is made, photographs are taken and metre’s read. When vacated these are checked to ensure all the necessary deductions are made from the tenants deposit and any necessary repairs are carried out before a new Inventory and statement of condition are prepared.
What happens if the tenants don’t pay the rent?
Home Leasing will manage rent collection and if you have our full management service, Home Leasing will manage any legal action that may be necessary. However the solicitor’s fees will be the landlord’s responsibility. If you have full management Plus, the legal fees will be covered and three months rent will be guaranteed whilst any legal step is undertaken.